Advising N Hollywood w/ ” Fury” starring Brad Pitt


2nd Armored Division Hell on Wheels Magazine 2014 story on Paul’s visit to Hollywood


paulwithproducer rob lihani

Paul with Rob Lihani, Producer







Paul with Rosie the Riveter(Nicole) in Hollywood. Rosie did Paul’s makeup.


Paul to the right of Brad


Paul w Brad, David and crew advising on Fury


From Producer Rob Lahani whose footage of my interview was featured in the Smithsonian’s documentary FURY



Paul w Brad giving him a copy of one his books 

                                 Veterans came into L.A before the actors came to London and had a  round-table discussion. The actors picked these  seasoned & battle-experienced veterans’ brains for  four hours. Just the actors and veterans. No producers & no press. It was about  being honest and telling real stories– stories that the veterans hadn’t even told  their families or close friends. 


4 responses

  1. As a former US Army armor crewman who served in the 1980s commanding M60 series and the first generation of M1 tanks, I want to say thank you so much for your service. My respect for what you did is unmeasurable. I’m really looking forward to this movie and hope they present your sacrifices and history accurately and with honor!!

  2. Uncle Paul, it was wonderful to chat with you on Sunday. We are so excited about your trip to DC for the debut of FURY. You have certainly left an impact on this world. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see you. We look forward to hearing all about your trip to DC and your very own red carpet event.
    Love and Hugs
    Doug, DeeDee, Shelbi
    Hayli, Kayci and Maxyi

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