2015, Feb. – Paul speaks at Memorial High school

Paul spoke to the students at Memorial High school Feb 2015.  Vets from the Veterans Group of Tulsa joined him. (Click on each picture to enlarge)


WW2 Veteran Jim Alspah(l) ….Paul (m) with two ROTC students . Samantha Flint(l)…and Gladis Rios(R) & Veteran Delouch,(m) & veteran Jim Hollman(r)

2015-02-04_16.28.36 (1)



The one thing that a 16 year old girl did that Paul will never forget:—- Just after WW2 ended in 1945, Paul arrived in the  U.S.– Andert was limping from a war wound as he got on the bus  full of people.  As Paul stood, all of a sudden a 16-year old girl stood up and insisted,  “Soldier, take my seat!”  On the Glen Beck show Paul said this, “That was the best thing that ever happened, better than any damn parade.”  After  Beck heard the the story from Paul ,  Glen looked into the camera and said,BE THAT YOUNG GIRL! It’s the kind things  you do that matter.”



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