Paul’s Service Awards

Scan_Pic0432Click on each one to enlarge



Foreign Awards(l) click to enlarge


Abraham(far top left to right) Paul Andert, Dittmer, Driskill, Morris, Newman, Null, Poolaw, Sampler, Turner, Treadwell, Snow, Mitchell, Tommy Franks

Scan_Pic0393Paul was first wounded in the right leg with fragments from artillery pieces July of 44. He spent a month and a 1/2 in the hospital in England. His 2nd wound was in the left leg. He also sustained an injury to his hand which is scarred to this day.




Part of this article is incorrect (l)- Paul did not direct the fire – Paul himself fired on the enemy.To read   Paulpurpleheartpicinpaperabout this see pg.118 of Paul’s book – “Unless you have been there” – St.Louis Post Dispatch Aug.1944 (Click to enlarge)Scan_Pic0397



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