Justice For America’s Heroes: Lt. Michael Behenna

This letter is in support of Michael Behenna addressed to the powers-that-be who are making life-altering decisions concerning our brave men and women in uniform.

You may read about the injustice that has happened to one of America’s heroes  on his webpage.


I urge ALL patriots to sign the petition in defense of Michael.

No U.S. soldier should be serving prison time for fighting in a war zone. LET’S BRING MICHAEL HOME.

      ” Upon reading the statement of those officials who recommend to the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the Behenna Petition; we the WWII Vets and veterans of other wars are dumbfouned.

    All indications point to the fact that total INJUSTICE was performed on LT. Behenna.

     I say this because “No. 1 ” the first person that should have been tried was the officer who made the unheard of decision to turn the terrorist back to the one who caught him in the first place.

Both sides called the so-called victim a KNOWN TERRORIST.  Yet “He”  the known terrorist was judged NOT to be hostile???

     We also are aware that the prosecutors stated that all of us – including the 37 ranking officers – over-reached( in our judgment) for a petition hearing. 

     In plain English, you guys don’t know much about the unbelievable pressure we all are under in combat areas. I tell you now, that if we did not fight dirty as  the enemy did, none of us – including YOU – would be here free as you and I are today.    

     My unit, the 2nd Armored Division( also known as Hell on Wheels fought for thirty months. By the time we finished in Africa and Sicily, we hit Normandy.

     August 1944 , newspapers  were sent our combat records. The articles called us “Roosevelt Butchers.”    This name was give to us by the Germans, because we took very few prisoners. Copy of the Newspaper article is attached.”

     In my book, “Unless  You Have Been There,” I mention eight or ten instances where we shot first and asked questions later – if anyone could still talk .

The order to shoot first came directly from General Patton; I was present when he said it.  I want to go on, but I feel you may tire from listening to us old hands about combat.

     I want to ask all of you to think about this:-  We are close to becoming a laughing stock of all other nations because we are scared to stand up for this country which was founded as a free nation under God. Of Course, God is almost outlawed now. We oldsters who know better – won’t quit.

      We want Lt. Behenna to be given REAL JUSTICE – not political justice.”


Paul. J. Andert

WWII Veteran


10 responses

  1. Thank you for your service and for your continued fight to leave no man left behind such as Lt. Behenna. It is men such as yourself that my son served his country. He told me at a very young age he wanted to walk in the footsteps of giants. You helped mold him into the incredible man he is today and I thank you. God bless you.

    • I finally received a response from one of my senators, Diane Feinstein. I have concluded from the letter that she believes our beloved veteran, Michael, was properly convicted yet many of us do not believe so. She reminded me she does not the authority to pardon Michael and suggests to contact Mr. Obama. I assume she will not even investigate the case. If this was her son, how far would she go to find the truth.

  2. My husband, Gerald Klaas, just posted to Dan Lungren’s facebook, former CA Attorney General and Congressman, if Mr. Lungren is aware of this case. Some where we will find the right key to open Michael’s cell door to freedom.

  3. Only the Lord knows the last feeling or thought the time a soldier died or killed another soldier. To me, the American soldier is the Best of all Soldiers for many reasons. First, he did/does terrible things in war times. The blessing is that no matter what, one American Soldier always appears to change things. To testify, to support, to denounce, to defend etc. I am a simple civilian but can people remember that Japan and Germany were cruellest War machines where soldiers had to obey tyrants. America defeated both. Both are now powerful economies. The American Soldier is ferocious (so was the Viking or the Roman or the Conquistador) but always able of magnanimity/fairness. Saw many cry because they hated war cruelty. That says it all. The American soldier has a Conscience that will rise the Flag of Justice above the Capitol if need be.
    You or Mr. Wainscoat will free Lt. Behenna because it is the only right thing to do. He didn’t get on that battle field to play Nitendo. He was told to fight the enemy designed as the enemy by those who now pretend that enemy didn’t intend to kill a US soldier. He surely did. Al Qaeda always intends to kill. I am very passionate about any US soldier being jailed. So many freed civilians abroad. They freed nations. Some soldiers are not nice guys. Some might be killers. Here we are speaking of an officer whose instinct told him to defend his life.
    The only good coming from all this will be, the Nation’s, the Army’s introspection to come back to God’s Laws. The same God who granted the US Soldier so many Victories each time He fought for the Good Cause.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Andert. My wife and I recently returned from France and had a day to tour the D-Day beaches. I have visited personally with men like yourself that made that invasion, as well as others. I cannot wrap my mind around what it must have been like, but I am forever grateful to you for your service.


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