Paul and Gurney( 1970)  – Paul was married to his wonderful wife Gurney for 65 years.
– Paul and Gurney have  made Tulsa, Okla their home for over 30 years.

paulandgurney 1968

Paul and his wife Gurney in 1969 – They were on a tour to Europe & Japan


Paul and Gurney( 2nd and 3rd from left of the man with the blue jacket on 2nd row) used to participate in Arthur Murray Dance Contests. They also taught dance lessons in their home with the Arthur Murray studios to younger couples.


Paul met Gurney just after the war – 1946 

Why did I name my book ‘Unless you have been there?’paulgurney

I find that very few understand what war is really like.

This applies to many who served in our forces during that time. Most do not realize less than 10% served in actual face-to-face combat. It is documented it took nine people to support one front-line soldier.”


(l)Paul near the war’s  end in 1945  


Paul’s WWII Army Picture


Joe Andert” –  Paul & Gurney’s son. Joe died  in a fishing expedition  in Alaska (1989)at age 41 – The area was deemed off-limits to fishermen due to the river’s  treacherous waters.


Paul in his 30s


Paul’s Mother (Marie)- Paul was fighting in Africa  at the time.  Marie  gives  the “V” for  Victory.


 Charles(Dad) & Marie (Mom)  A French War Bride  – (16) 1921


Paul(7) 1st communion (1930)


Paul holding his son Joe, with daughters Jean(l) and Gail(r)


Paul family reunion in 1956


Paul, Gurney, and their children


Paul and Gurney on a return trip to Germany


Gail(left) Jean and Joe – Paul and Gurney’s children


Paul and Gurney’s children – Gail(l) Joe Jean (1950)


Paul – 1923


Joe – Paul and Gurney’s son


Paul’s son – Joe – was an avid photographer. He took these photos of bears in Alaska. Joe also was a writer. Heely, Alaska published one of many of his articles. The photos are copyrighted.

PaulssonjoepictureofbearPAUL2015 (2)

Paul and Sunshine July, 2013

Paul and Sunshine July, 2013


8 responses

  1. Dear Mr. Andert,
    Thank you for you’re service. I am writing to you hoping you might remember anything that can help, I am trying to reconstruct my fathers military records. He died in 1967 and the only records I have show he was a T/Sgt. with B company 41st armored infantry/ 2nd armored division. His name was James G. Cox from chambers county Alabama and he was with them all the way from Africa to the Elbe river. He was a tanker, said he was a tank commander of a Sherman tank. He also said his tank was named Bama or something like that. I know he was missing behind German lines for a time The DOD says his records were destroyed in the 70s fire. Again THANK you for your valiant service, it fills me with pride to think my father served with men of your caliber. Any information or links to info will be greatly appreciated. Thank You—James G. Cox jr.

  2. We had a good visit – Thank You for stopping by. And we honor your father’s service in my unit. I sent your packet off with all the information. Keep in touch.

    • I am trying to follow my older brothers service similar to my nephew, James Cox. My brother, Jack Presco Mills also was in the Battle of the Bulge and had his feet frozen that December. I’m not sure of his unit(s), but he was given a copy of “Dark December” by Robert E. Merriam by virtue of his serving there at that time. If you have any further information regarding Jack Presco Mills (Serial Number 37731044) please contact me.

  3. Paul this is my wife’s uncle who lives in Kansas. Congratulations on being awarded the French Legion Of Honor. –James G. Cox jr.

  4. Paul I am looking forward to finally meeting you in Nov. at the Wal-Mart Tribute to the Veterans here in Branson. It is such an honor to have you here to speak to the veterans from a great veteran yourself. Stay in touch sir, and may God continue to Bless you in so many ways.

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